What is Beanstox Trade?

Beanstox Trade makes investing available to all types of people to become investors, and build their personal financial freedom, including:

  • People on Main Street with under $5000 or over $50,000;
  • People who want access to over 100 ETFs and 1000 stocks;
  • People who want to invest the amount they choose in the ETFs and stocks they choose, such as $200 per paycheck invested equally at $10 in each of 20 ETFs and stocks;
  • Build wealth for the future.

Beanstox Trade is available in Apple or Google Play stores, with no minimums, no management fees or commissions, a flat monthly fee of $4.99/monthly or $14.97/quarter, and $0.01/share* trading commissions for members.

Beanstox Trade believes investing is the key to Personal Financial Freedom, and investing part of every paycheck is a great strategy to build money for the future. Beanstox Trade knows that people who work hard for their money want their money to work hard for them. Beanstox Trade is designed to make this possible for millions of people who have never invested before.

New Investors Have a Challenge

If you’re investing $50, $100, $500 or more per month

  • You may be too small for an Advisor. How do you learn to invest?
  • You may be too small for an online brokerage to invest each month at $5-10/trade
  • You’re unable to invest with actual dollar amounts, you can’t “buy exactly $50 worth of a stock or ETF"
  • You’re unwilling to give control to a “computer” that will decide your investment needs
The Solution?

New Investors Now Have a Solution…

  • Get Beanstox Trade on APPLE or GOOGLE PLAY.
  • Simple monthly flat fee, $4.99/month or $14.97/quarter
  • Commission as little as $0.01/share*
  • Fractional share investing. Choose actual dollar amounts to invest. “Buy $75 of an ETF or stock”
  • No account minimums to invest in ETFs and large cap stocks
  • Learn about investing from investment professionals selected by: Kevin O’Leary, ABC Shark Tank Investor, contributor on CNBC and author of “On Family, Kids, & Money”